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New talking mouth sequence


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Great Idea. Great Job.

Maybe next year for Halloween, 4 of those monster faces this way?
Lets see 48 CCR's @ $250.00 Yep could get it for only $12000.

anyway congats! on doing such a great job.

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First sequence I am aware of that does a talking mouth on CCRs. Good job, you got the mouth synched with the words perfectly. Fun to see you "push the envelope" on what the software can do!
It's also interesting to me how some very simple effects can work so well, putting the brain up there, and just having a few dots moving around worked real well for a brain full of spiders.

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Dale J wrote:

very very cool, is that done with the new S3 software?

Yes, I'm using S3 software with the superstar sequencer add on.
I made 6 different "images" of the face with different mouth openings
to "sing" with the song.
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I had to let you know that the sequences I got from you were a huge hit! Very impressive. Thanks. I look forward to purchasing more should you continue to offer them!

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