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Sequence dosent display correctly.


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Hi everyone.
I have 2 sequences that look great on my computer screen but not outside.
The rest of my show looks great.
I checked that all seqs use the same channel config. All OK there.
I made adjustments to the problem seqs and no affect.
I have a few instances where some channels of the spiral tree is lighting when it's not supposed to.
Or a green string lights when all should be red.

If I modify a seq will the updated version play in the show?

Maybe I should cut them out.

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Some things I would try.
1) Run the LOR Verifier. Never know what it's going to find that you may have missed.
2) Run the problem sequences from the Sequence Editor (SE) Be sure to shut the shows down first, and that "Control Lights" (in the Play menu) is checked.

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Thanks Don,
I ran the verifier. Found out that way down deep in seq with 104+ channels (I only use 48) were some channels using some circuits of units 01, 02 and 03, the ones I use. Set all those to "no device". Ran verifier again and got only errors 28 and 30. That's for "beat" channels and such. That should be it. To late to test tonight. Will test tomorrow. Will post results here. Thanks again.

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