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Few Quick questions...

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What is the diffrence of the

16 Channel Kit - Standard (low-power heatsinks)

to the

16 Channel Kit - Deluxe (low-power heatsinks)

Just the stand alone ability?

And what the heck is a "booted" cat5 cable....


And does anyone have any recomaended boxes to put this board in? I was thinking on using a box that is for lawn sprinkler timers...(I would like it if i dont have to buy the box online, home depot, lowes, osh.. all stores I have near me.

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It's late ... let's see how well the memory is working tonight.

In general, the deluxe models are capable of directing other controllers. This is most important in a stand-alone, animation only situation.

Running musical sequences requires a computer, or MP3 director, which would then send out the commands to other units in the chain.

A 'booted' cat5 has a plastic 'boot' around the clip of the connector. In a data center environment, this helps when removing a cable from a crowded cable management tray. In home environments, you reduce the chance of getting it caught on something when you yank it out from behind the desk.

There are several ways to mount a controller. Take a look at the LORWiki (link in Sig) under Hardware (I think.) This will show you some ways to mount your controllers. There is a thread entitled "Show us your fleet" (or something like it.) with some other great ideas.

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