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Question about the Show setup


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Hello Everyone;

I hope everyone's shows are going flawless.
I had a quick question.

Last year when I set up my show times and set an end time it would
finish the rest of the show before shutting down for the night.

This evening, being our first night this year, when it hit the shut down time,
instead of it finishing the show, it shut down at the end of the song.

Was that because I was in demand mode vs the regular schedule ?!

In the past I target for an 11:30 shut down so I set it to end at 11:15.
That way it actually shuts down around the 11:22 mark.

I am thinking it may just be that I was in the demand mode for the first
night vs setting up a regular schedule.

Thank-you for your time !


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In "regular" show mode the software will finish playing the current musical sequence, then end the show. If there is a sequence (or more) in the Shutdown tab, those will then be played.

Based on my testing this week, the Show On Demand (and in addition to what you are saying happened) ends the same way. Current musical sequence finishes, then show ends.

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I just used the show on demand to run another few sequences for people who rolled up right at closing time. The show I used has a shutdown sequence. During a song I clicked on disable gracefully and it played the end of the song and then played the shutdown sequence.

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