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****1 CCR as 2 arches****

Larry Leonhardt

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Larry Leonhardt wrote:

What would the best Theme to use on a single CCR made into 2 arches ?

Different people would give a different answer to that. If you set the layout as:
CCR/CCB/Firefli mode
Nbr of CCRs - 1
Light Type - CCRs
Ribbon Orientation - Horizontal
Ribbon Shape - Arch
Ribbon Length - Half
Location of Ribbon Controllers (doesn't matter)

Theh you will see 2 arches, each made from half of a ribbon and there will be 2 green sequencing rows above that.
The default has TCM2 assigned to the top sequencing row, and TCM3 assigned to the 2nd sequencing row. The default themes for TCM2 is "morphs colliding" and the default for TCM3 is "Star dot twist" I think those look cool.

But realize that you could also go into the Layout dialog box and set Ribbon Length to Full and you may get some effects you like better. The screen will display just one arch and there will be just one sequencing row. You could select the theme to be "1 morph full length" and then you will get a chase pattern that alternates between going left and right across the ribbon. It will be displayed on the screen as 1 arch, but if you export and play it on your CCRs the chase pattern will of course jump across both of your arches that are made from half CCRs.

If you make a visualization file of your two arches made from 1 CCR, then the two arches will be put onto one sequencing row, and you can do the same thing, and then when playing back to the screen it will look like two arches the way it should.
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