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All lights on when show disabled

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The 2 nights ago I came home from work to all my lights on but the show not running. I checked the status and it showed the show had ended at 10pm. I did a disable shows and all lights turned off. I then ran a test sequence to make sure everything was ok.

I then went in and looked at the show editor and made sure all lights off after each sequence was checked and resaved.

Tonight I got home from work and again all lights were on. I run 2 different shows and tonight was different so I thought it wouldn't do the same thing. However I did a quick check of everything and it was also checked all lights off after each sequence.

I don't have a clue as to what could be causing this and I work usually while the show is running and don't get home until between midnight and 2am each night so I would not be doing my neighbors any favors with the lights being at all on. Plus my shows end at 10pm so all on for 2 - 4 hrs isn't really much fun for me.

Any suggestions?

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