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Lighters block....


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Thankfully, not really, or at least not that a few min away shouldn't take care of.

All 120,000 LEDs are up and tested. All 32,000 remaining incandescents are up and tested. All the test sequences run, and all the master LCC channel config issues have been resolved. Thankfully the other 3 people writing sequences for the show are doing really well. And I like where mine is going. I just have to get it cranked out, and up there for the show going live in about 16 hours...

Oh.. Coffee shop choice at the moment tonight? Cinnamon whiskey in french vanilla coffee...

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Well you are getting there at any rate!

Glad to hear that it is coming together for you. Isn't it funny that at this time of year we find each other on line at times like 3 AM working on this stuff?
Just one of those side benefits (or drawbacks) of this obsession I guess.

Good luck with the display and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday.


Oh - mine is just a pot of good ole Folgers and my fuzzy slippers!!

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