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RS485 in Middle of Network or Daisy Chain w Phone Line?

Norm Ivey

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I have a problem for which I think I have found 2 solutions. I've been searching old posts, and I think either of these will work, but I would appreciate confirmation.

I have 3 controllers. Controller 1 is fine. Controllers 2 and 3 each have a bad RJ45 jack (crushed pins), which makes daisy chain with CAT5 impossible.

Solution 1: I think I can run CAT5 from computer to Controller 1, then Daisy chain using phone cord from the RJ45 jack on Controller 1 to the RJ11 jack on controller 2, and then connect the good RJ45 jack on Controller 2 to the RJ11 jack on Controller 3 in the same way. Is there any problem with mixing phone and CAT5 cables?

Soultion #2: Putting Controller 1 in the middle of the network seems to solve my problem.

Computer>>USB-RS485>>Phone line to Controller 1

Controller 1 RJ45 jacks each go to a good RJ45 jack in Controllers 2&3.

Will this work? I understand that the RS485 network has to be linear, but I've read the USB-RS485 can go in the middle.

Suggestions or recommendations?

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I think your solution #1 is the better way to go. Either suggestion should work just fine as far as I know.

I am a huge fan of having a cat5 from the adapter to the first controller. As at least one of the LOR adapters have to be this way.


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