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Error 8002 while trying to update firmware in 1602MP3 unit

Denise Nelson

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I plugged in my 1602MP3 unit (purchased and used in 2010) to power, then I connected the RS485 adapter to the unit and then to my PC (Windows 7 professional). I have LOR Sequence Editor v3.1.4.

Then went to Hardware Utility>Firmware, (which shows v3.1.4. But when I opened the Hardware Utility, I got a window stating the following The serial port (comm1) assigned to LOR has a problem. You may need to select another port. Open of serial port has failed. Error 8002.

I cannot find anything on how to choose serial ports. And I cannot find the driver that I am connected to with the RS485. I have tried other USB ports but the PC is not recognizing it. The Unit's 2 plugs are plugged it, turned on and now a red light on upper right side of the unit is blinking.

Please HAAAALLLLP! I don't know what I'm doing wrong!!

Your prompt attention to this matter will be greatly appreciated.

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First of all there has not really be a firmware release other than for the gen 3 controllers in about a year or more. I don't see any reason to update. Based on the age of your controller, you are not running a gen 3 controller.

The error you have is typical if the HWU cannot see the LOR network adapter. I get that error when I open the HWU and have NO adapter connected to the computer.


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