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Subdivide Timing Section Size


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I have always assumed that when you select subdivide timing, that the sections are of equal length.

Had a need (twisted I know) to subdivide a cell 32 times. The individual cells are not the same size. Some of the differences are fairly significant.

Checking some smaller splits, they are actually doing the same thing.

Anyone else have the same findings?
Not sure how to counter this one. May just have to wing it.

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There are a couple things that I know of which you could be referring to here:

First, Subdivide Timings works on a cell by cell basis. So if you are trying to subdivide more than one cell, and those cells are not the same length as each other, then the resulting cells won't be the same length either.

For example, if you have two cells, the first being 3.2 seconds long and the second being 6.4 seconds long, and you select them both and do a Subdivide Timings into 32, the result will be 32 cells that are 0.1 seconds long each, followed by 32 that are 0.2 seconds long each.

The second thing is that even a single cell might not be split into equal parts. Subdivide Timings tries to do that, but sometimes it's simply not possible, because cells have a minimum resolution of 0.01 seconds.

So, for example, if you have a cell that is 1.00 seconds long, and you subdivide it into 32 parts, they can't possibly all be the same size. Most of them will be 0.03 seconds long, but that only accounts for 0.96 seconds. Subdivide Timings will therefore make four of the cells 0.04 seconds long each, instead of 0.03 seconds long each, to account for the "missing" 0.04 seconds. It tries to spread these longer cells out equally instead of bunching them up.

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