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FIRST year LOR, Song, Video - 64 channels Advice?


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Well, thanks to tpctech (Ken from Niles, Mi), I have the LOR bug. I didn't want to make a video, but my wife and facebook friends make me make one. I shared with them, I will share with the friends here as well.

Please take a look, and any real / honest advice to make it better is REALLY wanted, so please don't be shy. I have already fixed one big flaw around seconds 27 to 34 with the Whites coming on the arches too soon, so please ignore that one.

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Very good job indeed! You sure you're not a returning pro instead? I can't do half this well and I've been doing it for almost 4 years now :)


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Thanks Gary. No, not a pro, but thanks! :) I found the trick is (for me) to do it all at once, stay up all night to keep the flow / continuity going. I started that song at 6pm and finished at 5:30am one night. I have fixed it up little by little since the first night.

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imacericg, I just checked out your video again, and I disagree. I think you pulled off a very nice show, especially with only 16 channels. Great job on the lights, more channels next year and it will be even better.

Thanks everyone, any help / advice on how to improve the sequencing is still welcome.

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