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What a great feeling.

Scott Allen

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So before I even started setting up my lights this year I talked to all of my neighbors and explained what I was going to do. When I told the neighbor that lives directly next door to me, he said that he doesn't celebrate any holidays and I told him if it gets to be too much to just let me know and I'll turn it down or maybe even off. His response was "Oh, don't worry, I will." Needless to say, it didn't give me that warm fuzzy feeling.....

Well, since Thanksgiving night, I think his kids have seen the show every night. His daughter has asked if I could do 2 of her favorite Christmas songs next year (I've already started sequencing them for her). The thing that really surprised me is that he has been outside watching the show too! (He walks back in the house when I go out there to check on the display pieces....like I didn't see him out there watching :P)

Last night, I was out front watching the show and he came outside to watch it with me for a little bit and then totally blew me away when HE requested a song for next year!

I just thought that was pretty cool for someone who doesn't celebrate holidays to request a Christmas song. :D

Thanks again to everyone for sharing their ideas so we can help spread the Christmas Spirit!

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I was "the Grinch" of the family until I saw Richard Holdman's videos a few years ago. Now I have 128 channels, 38 songs, and roughly 100 cars each night watching three 30 minute shows. I am hoping that someone watching my shows will have a change of heart as I did.

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