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Hi all,

You guys always seem to be able to help me out, so hopefully this will be no different. I'm in year #2 and I never did get this fixed last year.

So, my first song goes off without a hitch, but everything after that has the same issue:

The lights go on (in the correct sequence...not randomly) without music for about 3 seconds. Then, they stop and the music starts. It plays by itself for about 3 seconds, then the lights start again and everything is sync'd up. This happens on every song from the second one one. Any ideas?!?

Because I know it's usually the first suggestion, I will tell you that I format my SD card everytime before I write the new version of my program onto it.

Thanks in advance for the help!


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I see this same thing come up so often, and the same solution every time. Couldn't LOR give a warning if the MP3 you try to load to the SD card isn't a constant bitrate? Seems a simple warning would solve a lot of headaches (yes, I know this is mentioned in the docs, but obviously people aren't reading them (myself included))

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From the DC-MP3 Manual page 8.

[align=left]"Songs (audio files) for use with the DC-MP3 must be
encoded as MP3 files. Constant Bit Rate (CBR) at
128K bits/second is best"[/align]
[align=left]But obviously you read the forums. So DUH here it is.[/align]

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