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CCR doesn't display properly


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I can make an arch or even import one of the files, but when the visualizer plays, it doesn't display the arch like designed. For example, I fill with red from one end to the other - manually, no macro - and the visualizer seems to start filling both ways white from about pixel 15. I feel I am missing something very simple, but can't figure it out. Tried multiple approaches in visualizer but none seem to work. Any help is appreciated.

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Ok, here is what I would do:

1-Delete your existing arch from the visualizer
2-Use the Arch Wizard and create a 10 segment arch with 5 pixels per segment (that will make 50).
3-If Prompted, select 'Create the Minimum number of new fixtures'
4-Edit the properties of the fixture, and set the base address, and other params. Ensure 'Starting Pixel' is set to 1.
5-Try again

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ok, I tweaked a little more, but still the visualizer doesn't show the arch in programmed colors or movements. Attached is a pdf of what I have done, maybe that will help someone explain what is going on. Is there something about the link between the visualizer and seq editor can be the issue?

Attached files Arch.pdf

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Found the answer. Keep digging far enough and change enough things it will work.

When I changed channel mode from triples rgb, rgb to sequential, rrr, ggg, bbb it displays fine.

My channels are set up so that 30.1.1 contains red, green and blue, which I assumed was a rgb setup. But looking at the channel properties of each segment, I see all the reds are 1-50, greens 51-100, etc. So, the sequence is really is rrr, ggg, bbb rather than triples.

Just tried to add new ccr to sequence and default is rgb, so not sure how or why the arches got to be rrr, ggg, bbb a couple years ago when they were created, and copied and the channel configuration stayed the same. It think originally when I was doing more manual programming, not having the fine tools we have today, it was easier to adjust all of one color if they werer bunch together in the layout. Originally they weren't grouped as they are today. It isn't simple to change now, nor necessary. Just needed to understand and check the format of the arches in the sequence and make sure visualizer matches. That helps explain why they started to split aournd 1/3 of the way up the arch and seemed to be moving in 1/3 sections.

The old rrr vs rgb setup. Now that I got past that hurdle, the visualizer is better than sliced bread. Thanks for your help.

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