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Out of all the years I have been static decorating and lor since 2007 I have had gfi's pop and not reset when it is raining. Well here in Indiana the weather can change rather quickly at times. Saturday afternoon and evening we had an inch of rain and I had 1 gfi trip out of 8. So Sunday I switched the plugs aroung on 3 of my mini trees and the rain came again last night and I had no trips. Today we have had 2 inches of rain and 4 inches of snow as of right now and still no trips. I think two contributing factors is that I have done away with almost all of the extension cords and have made what I call wiring harness's up for everything and the second is that I made a hard attempt to have no plugs laying on the ground as I have in the past. All of my cord plugs are either tied up or laying on small boards. So 3 out of the first 4 nights with extrteme weather have been ok and I am a happy camper!!!

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Yep, you nailed it. I raise all my cord-to-cord connections off the ground with C7/c9 light stakes and I put all grouped connections on large field stones. I also put our 16 mini-trees on 2"x2" strips to get the wire frames off the ground.

It rained cats-n-dogs last evening and the lights happily blinked away. :D

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