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Super cheap Lamp cord!


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this is where i get all of my spt2 from ... bought 4000ft this year. they are great to deal with, and pretty fast order processing and shipping.

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I've been thinking of using these on those light strings that get tied together as one long string. These would make the connection water tight and prevent GFCI's from triipping and moisture from getting into those connections. Also means those strings would ALWAYS have to stay together when assembling the display.


Yes, they're a little costly @ $3.50 each for less than 25

25-49 are $3.00 each

50-250 are $2.50 each

They currently show 252 in stock.

Fortunately I only live a few minutes from SkyCraft so I can go there anytime and pick items up!

BTW: Every time I go in the store itself, I keep asking about the female and male receptacles for the SPT-2 wire too. But they deal in overstock or items that have been cut and used. And they haven't ever gotten any plugs for the wire. Be nice if they could just go ahead and get them and sell them, but they are a "surplus" store and don't sell new items. Only what's surplus from places that want to dump old stock, such as wire, panels, and other assorted electronic and electrical items. If they had them, they'd sell them. Far as I know and I've been asking for a long time, even before I was into LOR, they have never gotten any to their knowledge.

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