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Software way to update web page when show is running(?)


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Greetings all,

Has anyone already devised a method to update thier webpage when the show is running?

I would like to place a banner on our site to confirm the show is on. We haven't had rain for a year and a half, but I put the lights up and we get rain. Had I known that, I would have put up the display in June !!!

But I digress...... I think I've heard or read some comments on the subject but, of course, I cant find them.

Is there a registry entry I can read, then automagically FTP some update to the site?

I can code VbScript, Powershell etc ...

Any comments or ideas would be greatly appreciated and of course, anything I write, I'll make public.

Merry Christmas!


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Okay... Don't you just hate when you sit down type a question to a forum then fate opens the LOR Manual to a page that gives you one possible solution?

I can use the Windows Command built in to LOR.

I run a STARTUP sequence to fire off the X10 controllers to bring up the inflatables, start up the train and turn on the transmitter. I could use a Windows Command during this execution to fire off a web page update(?) Then use the sequence that runs at SHUTDOWN to change the page to "Lights are Off" (?)

Thoughts or comments?

I would still liek to see what others are doing....


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I apprciate the link. That is very similar to what I ended up doing.

Here is the breakdown. I host my site on weebly.com (a freebie). The problem was that weebly does not have FTP facilities. You can export your site from there but you can not upload it back. Also they dont support ActiveX which I would have needed for my VBScript solution.

I actually came up with a pure HTML solution to the issue. I created an account on http://www.drivehq.com (you must use a "commercial" email account to get publishing access otherwise the published files die in 20 mins. What this means is that yahoo etc will still get you drive space but no permanent publishing of files).

I created 2 jpg files. One that say ON and one that says OFF (any idea how hard it is find an image file with ON and OFF?). I dropped these files on my drivehq space. I added HTML code to the weebly page that uses the HTML tag and looks for a generic filename.

I created two ftp batch files that run from a windows command when my STARTUP and SHUTDOWN sequences run. The startup batch file ftp's to the drivhq site, and renames the generic status.jpg image (aka the OFF image) to off.jpg and renames the on.jpg to status.jpg.

Viola!!! When the show starts the webpage image that is loaded is the ON image and when the show shutsdown, the image changes to the OFF.

Perfect?? NOPE.. there are potential for foulups. The startup or shutdown sequence doesnt run, I have to immediate shutdown the show (a graceful shutdown should run the script to fix the icons) BUT.... Its probably pretty close.

I'm still open to comments and suggestions. Yes, I can run some light VBScript (or javascript) to check time of day and make sure the correct image is being displayed and I might add this later on. Better yet I may upgrade from the freebie site and move (back) to one that has the features I need.

Anyway.. thats my story and I'm sticking to it.. LOL ..

Merry Christmas and check out the website @


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gizmomkr wrote:

I'd just install appache or IIS on my show pc, and let the weebly site point directly to it.... but thats just my preference, your method doesnt sound bad.

I live 10 miles North of Huntsville. No highspeed or cable internet available. I use a (grandfathered - Unlimited) Sprint data card through a router to supply WiFi for the family.

I sit on a private network. Redirecting would be painful at best.

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meadmkr wrote:

Anybody figure out a way to script a tweet (preferably vbscript) without needing a separate applicalication? The examples out there are before they changed their API and haven't seen a working sample outside of .NET or web-based (PHP).

I gues you have you looked at this one?


Only issue I see off hand is that code lines like

Set objHTTP = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")

are going to require that your hosting server (service) support ActiveX (Weebly doesn't) and .NET (which I think you wanted to bypass)

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