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White color on import not white


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I have created sequence additions for 2 CCR's to add to my current songs. The problem is that in superstar I have selected white in some areas but when I open the exported file in S3, it's not a true white. Before the last S3 update, it was more of a flesh color, and after the update now it's more of a light coral color. When I expand the RGB selections (I'm cutting and pasting the CCR tracks as the "compressed" 50 channel displays where there are 50 "channels" with RGB for each CCR and not the new one where it just shows a line for each CCR) it will show red at 100% then green and blue as something like 56 or 60%. But red is always 100%. I fix this by cutting the 100% red, pasting it to the blue and green in that channel and then copying that area which is now a true white and pasting it to the other 49 channels, then copying all 50 channels and pasting it to the other CCR. This does give a true white, but it is time comsuming and nearly impossible where morphs are involved.

Has anyone else had this problem and found a fix so that white imports as white? All the other colors appear to import correctly. Thanks for any advice.

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This is by design. The red, green, and blue elements of the LEDs in Cosmic Color Ribbons are not "balanced." The red is the weakest, the green is stronger, and the blue is the strongest. So to get a true white on the CCRs I have to pull back the green and the blue. So in the sequence editor they will not look white, but on your CCRs they will.
Also note that the intensity is not linear. In other words, in the sequence editor setting 50% results in the LED only being slightly dimmer. To get the LED to be half brightness you have to send a value of 25 to the controller. And to get 10% brightness you have to send a 1 or a 2 to the controller. In summary, the values that are actually sent to the CCRs are adjusted or "balanced" so that the color and intensity on the CCRs will match the color and and intensity you see the on the computer screen.
This is all in the help files, but I realize nobody is going to sift through the help files and read about color balancing. But if go to the help files and search for "balanced" you will see this explained.

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