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Newbie here


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(sorry for the longish post!)

Hey everybody,

I’ve always put up lights on my parent’s house. My mom is really into holiday decorating, especially Christmas. Well, I just got married this past August and my wife will be graduating college in May. Once this happens, we will be purchasing our first house. And like most of the others on here, Christmas lights are a big enough deal that I am already planning ahead. I expect for a couple of years I will simply be doing a static display, but I want to plan for animation in the future.

Anyway, I’ve pretty much decided that I’m going to make a purchase from CDI during the next sale. My question is though, what size to buy?

The amazing Chuck Downs, who lives just a few miles from me, uses only C6 LED lights. And I think I like this idea. But I want to hear from others.

I know it’s hard to plan ahead not even knowing what the heck my house will look like, but most things are pretty much the same.

It seems most people use icicle lights along the edge of the roof. Is a string of C6 lights, paired with C6 icicle lights good start? Or should icicles be mini lights? I LOVE the bounce effect. Not sure if this works with LED's as good though.

I grew up with C9 lights around the edge, but I don’t like C9 LED lights. The good ones are absurdly expensive.

I also always used clips for C9 lights to make them perfectly uniform. Would it be crazy to do this with C6’s? Especially in the future if I wanted to run a string of Blue, Red, and Green? I’d have to have a clip every inch lol! (Or I could build something like THIS.)

Basically, what applications is it NOT a good idea to use C6 lights?

And as for color, I’d love to have Blue, Green, Red and White all over one day. But for starting out as a static display what do you think would be best? I’d probably only get icicle lights in white, so maybe Red to go with them? Or just do all white?

And what white do most people prefer? Warm or bright white?

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You have asked a lot of questions that will be impossible for any of us to answer, since we don't know your preferences, or your wifes, etc.

A lot of your questions are either / or. They don't have to be.

Do what ever you and your wife like, and what suits the house you will be decorating.

I use both C6 and M6 LED lights from CDI. Some places the C6 are better, other places the M6 are better.

I use C6 LED icicles.

Some places in my display I use warm white, others I use the cool(bright) white. It depends on where in the display, and the effect that I want.

So, you and your wife discuss what the two of you like, what your budget is, and design the display together.

In my opinion, that is much more important then what some people on a forum trying to tell you how to decorate and pick light colors.

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I agree with Mr.B...if possible, find some other light displays that are synced to music in your area and go watch and take notes...even go to the owner during the day and see the display up close and personal...

In regards to the "Bounce Effect"...I only have LED's and was able to achieve it...just using minis...

My question would be "Why start with a static display? Go for the gusto right from the start!!

Download the LOR Demo TODAY!! and start sequencing...there is a big learning curve...

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I have a mix of everything, this next year I plan to focus on C6 or G8 bulbs. Too pricey for me to go C7 or C9. But John is right, it's all personal preference and budget balance.
Welcome to the forum!

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