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LOR Visualizer Not Updating with Load LOR Reference


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For several days now I have noticed the following:

I find that when I load my new Channel Config file into the viz it will show an "Existing Reference" and a "New Reference"...problem is, there is no New Reference in my Config File...the existing reference is the right one!

If I say yes, use new reference (New is "B", Existing is "A") and save it and immediately load the SAME Config File it will now say that "A" is new and "B" is existing and when I click on "Use New Reference" the next reference shows the same Unit and Circuit number but they are reversed..."A" is now Existing and "B" is new!!!

More than likely I am just seeing things incorrectly..but I have tried it about 5 times now with the same results...

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DevMike wrote:

You have a duplicate channel (one with the same 'key') in your config file.

I have checked several times...but will check again....


Yep...I missed one....

It's hell getting old ..

and senile!!
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