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Hello Fellow LOR'ers....

This is my first LOR Christmas display (used Mr. Christmas previous 4 years) and want to see what everyone, especially the experienced think. I had alot of advice from Lee of Atlantic Beach Christmas and fellow lightorama guru.

I have a 30 min show with a total of 11 songs using 32 channels, but this is the one my 10 year old daughter likes, because it is the music from her performance dance group....PARTY ROCK ANTHEM.

I will post additional videos as I record them. We also were able to be LIVE on one of our local TV stations for our 5th Annual Lighting of the Yard ceremony. Just type "WTLV 16000 lights" into any search for the link.

Thanks for any advice or comments.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy Lighting everyone.
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Scott Allen wrote:

Very nice job! How many channels do you have for the arches? I'm getting another controller for next year and want to make some.

Thanks Scott... I have only 6 channels per arch, most people use 8 channels per arch. I have 2 x 100 ct strings per channel for 1200 lights per arch and it fits my yard a little better, plus having only 32 channels it was all I could really designate for 2 arches.

I used a 10' x 3/4" conduit pvc (gray) for each arch. Measured 3" off each end for the ends closest to the ground leaving me with 9'6" or 114" total. divided by 6 section, giving me 19" per section.

Using the advise that I got from Lee Leibecki, make sure on the top part of the arch or middle sections (3 & 4) overlap by a couple of rotations of each strand. This keeps them from sliding apart at the top.

Hope that helps.
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Donny M. Carter wrote:

Great use of 32 channels! Great sequencing! You will definitely have an over the top display in years to come! Keep up the great work!


l0chte wrote:
Looks like more than 32 channels making it sweet! Love it!

Thanks so much.... I guess I got all of my "making the most out of a little" experience in previous years when using the Mr Christmas box, that had only 6 channels, as you can see from my video of last year's display.

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Mike Cole wrote:

Nice! Lot of work in the big tree on the right................

Thanks Mike

Oh yeah that tree was tough.... rented a 34' manlift to get up in there. Unfortunately, rented over weekend and ran out of lights to put up there and no place to get them before lift had to be returned, so next year I will get some on the right side :).

The icicles have been the biggest hit by most everyone.
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GoofyGuy wrote:

sweet display, i wanted to do arches but with only 32 channels i didnt see it as possible. Great job!

Thanks Guy....

See my reply to Scott about mine. Proof that with using only 12 channels it can be done and looks as good as an 8 channel arch.

At least I think so
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