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Hello everyone,

I am a 1st time user of LOR and I am supposed to receive my first 16 channels today.I have 4 musical sequences ready and would like to run one every 15 minutes with music brodcasting in between with the lights static. How do I create the show to do this?I was thinking that the music in between would be a music sequence with all light on.Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I don't think it will work for what your wanting to do. That is a nice little program though.

I'm using a free program from http://www.mixtime.com/

Pretty steep learning curve but a very robust program. One thing, it has a integrated time announcement. DO NOT use it, it will lock up. Otherwise I have had it up and running for weeks without a glitch.

Like I said there is a learning curve but you can make your setup do some fairly complex things with music and voicers before and after multiple shows each night. It may be a bit late for this season to start with it but maybe something to look at for next year.

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I accomplished something similar by doing the following....

I wanted to have 2-3 songs play between each animation. I used Audacity to merge 2 or 3 MP3 files together, and then exported this as a new MP3. I then created a new musical sequence with no events tied to the newly created MP3 file. I selected all my channels, and turned them on. i did this for each group of static songs. I then created a show that had the animations, with one of the static sequences in between.

Word has gotten out though, and I have since changed the show to be one animated song, one static song, and so on and so forth. I only have three animated songs, but 12 static songs.

Hope that helps...


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