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CCR 1 does not have exactly 50 pixels. Check all child CCRs.


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OK, I feel dumb and am missing something. I use Arch Wizard to create an arch, but get an error message saying it needs to be 50 pixels. I don't undersatnd the number of segments = 16. Why can't my arch have 50 segments of 3 pixels each? Like I say, I am missing something so obvious I can't see it! I read manual again without luck.

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The Visualizer renders all CCR pixels as a single dot, even though in real life they are really 3 dots. If you could create it, a 50 segment arch with 3 pixels would actually be 3 FULL CCRs.

The number of segments physically define how big of an arc each area will be. For example, a 10 segment arch would have segments that are approximately 18 degrees each. For CCR's that really doesn't matter to much - that is more for the folks who use mini lights.

If you are physically using 1 whole CCR per arch, I would create a 10 segment arch with 5 pixels/segment (10*5 = 50). If you are using 1/2 of a CCR, create a 5 segment arch with 5 pixels/segment (5*5=25 ---- etc).

The error message you are getting is because you have at least 1 CCR defined that does not have a full 50 pixels. In order to simulate a CCR, the visualizer must know about all 50 pixels attached to it. If it doesn't have 50 pixels, you have to fix that.


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