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delay in 2nd and third CCR


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I have 4 CCRs that I am using as arches.
I was having problems with them not doing what I wanted adding more networks solved that.
Now when I have a chase the first 2 work like they should but then there is a pause (just for the CCRs) then the chase continues on the last 2.
This happens on ALL the chases.
Any ideas?

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ainsworth wrote:

are all 4 CCRs on the same network? if so, is there anything else on that network?

Each CCR is on its network so I now have 5
Regular network has 13 16 Channel controllers.
CCR1 on Aux A
CCR2 on Aux B
CCR3 on Aux C
CCR4 on Aux D
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I'd suggest the problem must be to do with having each on seperate networks.

I assume you've got all the networks running at the same speed? - if not then that could account for the problem.

Possibly the PC USB for AuxC/D is working differently than the USB for AuxA/B (different card/driver or something) - leading to the delay.

I'd suggest putting them all on the same network, the documention implies one network should handle 6 ccrs.

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Well I checked and everything was the same for all the ribbons.
I made one change the number of ribbons, changed it from 4 to one.


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