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Videos from My Lighting Ceremony this Evening


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Well...it wasn't the best show I have ever done (LOTS of things to fix) but the approximately 150 people who showed up seemed to enjoy it,

Zach Scott of the MSL Seattle Sounders Soccer Club was on hand to "kick" things off.

This is a link to our local blog that was there to cover the action...


A HUGE thanks to all those whose sequences I was able to use...and will use in the very near future. Without your sequences, I wouldn't have had much of a show tonight...

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For all the crap we give you, you do pull off a show with as much fanfare and publicity as I've ever seen.

The first picture says it all, everything looks great, and all trees are still standing! :P:P:D:D

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BrownOut wrote:

Looks like lots of happy people there to see. Looking good. Is traffic backed up yet?

I did forget to mention that 3 police officers did show up....apparently one neighbor down the block did complain of the noise and traffic. But they said there was no problem (noise ordinance says 10:00pm is the cut-off) and they actually stood there and listened to a few songs and said it was "cool" before taking off. They said they HAD to respond to the complaint and tell the homeowner one was made, but said nothing had to be done and everything was fine.

LOL..I did mutter under my breath "Oh sh!t" when I saw them walk up though!!! LOL
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