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One sequence won't play. It used to-others OK.

Ivan Beaver

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I just started my show tonight and one of my sequencies won't play.

I am using the MP3 player with SD card.

All of my other sequencies run fine. I used this sequence last year and it was fine.

NOTE: I am using a new computer and had to transfer everything, but all the other songs/sequencies are fine.

The sequence will play fine on the sequence editor. I have not tried hooking the computer to the network to see if it will play that way. Tomorrow.

Any thoughts?

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wbottomley wrote:

Is the audio file an mp3 at 128 kbs and mapped correctly?

It is the same MP3 as last year. So I am assuming it is 128K.

It is in the same location as the sequence. I had to move them from my external hard drive where I saved them before getting a new computer.

I suspect there might be a setting somewhere that I am missing. But all the other songs cam together fine.

I may just save it in a different place and retry tomorrow.
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I got to thinking and opened up the program and tried to open the waveform and it said it could not convolve (or something like that).

So I used audacity and opened the program and then resaved it.

I then put it with the sequence and it works just fine.

Thanks for helping me "think it out".

Sometimes you just need to clear your head.

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