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Well darn it all, after all the hard work I put into this years display, the bad news is I will be taking it all down on Sunday 11/27.

However the good news is we're moving back into a house where I will have more room to put up a better display!

Since I know I have some visitors coming by Saturday night to see the display in action, it will be operation for the last time tonight Saturday 11/26 from 5:30pm-11pm. I may start dismantling Saturday after the last show ends to get everything prepared for the move to it's other location.

So the other bad news is I'll have to reconfigure the display and controller set up, which may actually make things easier or more difficult, don't know quite yet. Still planning on having a display at the new place and hoping I can get it all set back up by the end of the 1st week or at the latest mid-week by 2nd week in December.

Not really looking forward to this move after getting everything set up and now have to dismantle and move the display, not to mention all the other stuff, but the bright side is I will have a larger yard to work with and more room to spread out the display elements and add some more things I couldn't use being in an apartment.:)

Hopefully this transistion will go very smoothly.

Will let you know where the new display will be located after I get everything moved (inside and out) to the new place and the Christmas Display re-set up.



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ItsMeBobO wrote:

Congrats on the new house!
You didnt know you were moving until a few days before?

Thanks. No we weren't sure and figured we would be here at the apartment until our lease expired at the end of January 2012 and be moving during that month.

So yes, it came unexpectedly as we didn't think this would be happening this soon, we were taken completely by surprise too.

It's the ONLY reason I put the display up at the complex, because I really didn't think we'd be moving until January. Not the end of November, beginning of December of 2011!:shock:
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Moving has always been kind of stressful. I hope your move will be quick and painless as possible. Congrats on the new house. Still in FL I presume? How far are you moving from the apt.?

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Max-Paul wrote:

Moving has always been kind of stressful. I hope your move will be quick and painless as possible. Congrats on the new house. Still in FL I presume? How far are you moving from the apt.?

We're actually moving back to our old house (late mother in laws), we've been working out details with the reverse mortgage company and since many of these homes where folks parents have passed on are just sitting rotting away, I guess they figured it would be beneficial for them to work out a plan with my wife, (it was her moms house) as opposed to letting it sit empty and just rot away and then maybe not be able to sell it at all without putting in a lot of repair work.

So it's probably about 5-7 miles from our current residence at the apartment. So instead of being in Fern Park in Seminole County, we'll be back in Orlando and Orange County. So now I'll have to rename my display too.

So it's going to be nice going back to the 4BR/2BA/2Car garage with full attic so I can also get rid of a storage payment too. Sure will make our life a lot easier.

Originally they told us we had to move out just before the beginning of this year(2011), but with the current economic situation and the housing market pretty much at a low here, guess they figured at least getting an income from us is better than no income at all on the home/property.

Our former neighbors are ecstatic we're coming back and that I'm still going to put up my Christmas display when we do. The wife will be renovating(placing) all the interior decor with a few exceptions, and I'll be outside redoing the Christmas set up! I'd say that's pretty much a win-win situation.:)
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