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Schedule editor won't save


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PMesritz wrote:

I am able to run a show on demand and schedule that for later in the day but I can not save the schedule editor itself. It returns an error that says it can not save. I tried reverting it, but it still does not save...

Any thoughts?

First thought is a Windows permissions error. Can you tell if it's LOR or Windows reporting that the file can't save. (A screen shot of the error would go a long way on this one.)

(And, off the top of my head, I wouldn't have a recommendation on how to resolve that one.)
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Where is your LOR folder?

Is it in MyDocuments? If not sometimes W7 doesn't like unknown programs to mess with files located elsewhere.

Check the file permissions in there. Also W7 likes to make stuff read-only
Check for the existence of the files weeksched.lsc and yearsched.lsc and see if they are read-only.

Take Care

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Gah, I hate trying to figure things out when my home Internet access is down and my phone isn't working right. :)


The folder is actually


It looks like I'm going to need to reinstall since I searched for .lsc files and there weren't ANY.. Wonder where they went. I'll start with that and let everyone know. :D


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