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French 1sr channel TF1 comes for a report at my house today

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They have contacted me because they are making a subject about the Christmas decoration contest of my town and as I won last year's and as I am one of the happy few to know about lightorama and its secrets (only a few) they will spend all day to watch how I set up things and will come back in December to see the display completely working.

I'm very thrilled this morning...

PS : this Show called "7 à 8" is quite popular so maybe next year many people in France will try to synchronize their house... :P:):)

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Yesterday TF1 (French channel 1) came and followed me all day long even to the store to buy a few lights and of course extension cords.
They will come back on 11th december to watch the display totally set up and normally the show will be on TV on the 18th december.
I showed them how to sequence and told them everything about that hobby and I want to thank everyone here for all the good advice you gave me and a particular thank you to Holdman and Cracker.


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