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CTB16 channel problem

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I have one of my new controllers that has a single channel issue. One of the channels won't dim. It will shut off and go on, but not dim. The channel next to it seems to dim but not as well as the rest of my strings.

I am running LEDs on this circuit. I have seven sets on seven control channels across 3 different controllers. This one channel is the only one that won't dim. I have tried other lights, so I know it is not the lights.

To be honest, I just got finish testing it and it is cold and dark outside so I haven't opened it up.. but doubt I will find anything since it does go on and off, just won't dim.

Any ideas before I replace it and send it back for warranty? Firmware? Of 11 new controllers this seems to be the only one with an issue.

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Ok.. today the sun finally came out. I took and put an incandescent load on the controller and it worked ok. Two different sets of LEDs and they won't dim. (I didn't try a third)...

All the other identical sets of LED on different controllers dim just fine. Just not that string with that controller. I have about 100 channels out there with nothing but LEDs on them and only one is giving me issues.

Any suggestions? A funky Triac perhaps? Too high of "hold on current threshold" perhaps? just one out of spec?

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Try a controller reset. Check that the connection between the dongle and the board is clean and tight. Inspect the resistor near the channel spade connector. It sounds like the phantom load might not be installed, or functional, or as you indicated, the triac might be odd.

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They actually put a phantom load in this controllers? Nice going LOR!

I doubt reset will buy me anything since it does work with an incandescent load. This pretty much as to be hardware related. I will check that other stuff today, when the sun shines again.. These are brand spankin new controllers so I hope there are no issues like that.. But hey, happens to the best of us manufacturers.. :-0

Is there a schematic floating around for the power sections of these controllers? I haven't really looked but I am assuming something like an opto driving the Triac with a few resistor and perhaps a cap or two...

Thanks for the suggestion Klb

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Ken, this is my first year with LOR so don't expect too much.. but come on by after 12-1-11. That is my official light-em-up night. No special plans.. just waiting till then so I can get a few songs finished.

Time and the whether have only allowed me to put up 128 channels and about 20,000 lights. I have a lot more to go next year. I still haven't put up my CCRs either. Breaks my heart to have 3 controllers and about 60,000 lights sitting on the shelf.. sniff sniff..

I had several times the lights last year and only one of my own 16 channel controllers.

Next year I need to start Way earlier!

Drop me an email and I will send you the address.

craig.pmcs at gmail dot com

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It is Oak Ranch Place in Elk Grove. I am the only one on the street with lights.. sigh.

There is however a very wonderful static display just across the street at the inlet to our culdesac. You will see it before you see mine.

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