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Can LOR MP3 player be connected from Harware utility via Wireless link


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My setup...

My PC is connected via USB to USB485B, which has one of the LOR Wireless links. Outside I have 6 LOR1602 controllers and hardwired together, plus 2 CCRs. Controller one has the MP3 player and I also have the Wireless link attached to it.

From my PC I can discover All 6 controllers and the CCR.. And I can send commands to the lights and it all works. However the hardware utility fails to detect the mp3 player. The red light continues to blink. If I move the MP3 player inside and plug directly into the USB485B, the red light stops blinking and the hardware utility sees it. Obviously if I take a long Ethernet cable and run from the pc to the outside it see it too. It only fails when there a wireless link between the PC and the mp3 player.

In either case, when I put my memory card in the player and shut down the hardware utility... The MP3 player drives the lights fine... whether connected to controller 1 or the inside USB485B... So my stuff is ultimately working... But it's a pain not being able to contact the MP3 player from the network while it's outside.

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Per the instructions

The DC-MP3 powered (see the Power Input
section) and connected to the PC via one of
the RS485 adapters – Do not use wireless

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