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Problem With Half Setting


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I'm using 3 CCR's for my Superstar. I have them folded in half at the top (left some room to allow this without cutting the ribbon) with the controllers on the bottom.

When I try to have a simple morph from the top line to the bottom, it is doing something strange. It looks fine in SuperStar while editing but when I export the sequence to LOR, I'm getting different results.

The odd lines (1, 3, 5 - first half of my 3 CCR's), are morphing correctly (from the top down). The even lines (2, 4, 6) are morphing from the bottom up.

I've used this software last year and I don't remember having this problem. Am I doing something wrong? Missing a setting somewhere?

I could program each line individually and have it do the opposite for the even lines. That would fix it but would be tedious.


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