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How can I copy tracks from one sequence to another?


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I did some massive changes to my Channel Configuration, and after doing so I realized that I changed an older version of my channel config file. No real harm done, but now my final channel configuration is missing a bunch of tracks at the bottom.

I have another sequence file that has all these tracks at the bottom. How do I copy the tracks 'as is' from one sequence, and paste them at the bottom of this newer sequence.

*all channels are the exact same in both sequences, I just need to get these missing tracks from one sequence to another so I can save it as my new master layout

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This may or may not do what you want, depending on how things are set up, so be careful to check everything after trying it:

Import the new channel config (with less tracks) into the old sequence (with more tracks). That should overwrite the lower tracks in the new sequence, while retaining the higher tracks (note, though, that it may change the channels in the higher tracks, based on them being changed by the import on the lower tracks).

Then export a new channel config (to a new file, just to be safe) from the old sequence.

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