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Gen 3 Firmware Question


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How does the custom dimming curves in Gen 3 units and future Gen 3 firmware upgrades work?
If I program my LED's like they were incans, the fading is non-existant or strange. IE 0-100% for incans great, LED's top out at about 70-75%.
Some of my LED light strings come on at 5%, others as high as 15%. Will I be able to program 0-100%, then apply custom curves to each channel that will effectively change the curve for a string that lights at 5% and tops at 70%, and another channel that lights at 15% and tops at 75% so that they look like a normal incan fade up of down of 0-100%?
Hope I am explaining this well enough. Thanks for any information.

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Have already installed the snubbers. All strings are LEDs.
C7 blue strings (2@ 50 bulbs) light at 14%
M5 cool white icicles (8 @ 70 bulbs) on at 12%
5mm warm white net lights (2 @ 100 bulbs) on at 10%
5mm multi string lights (3 @ 70 bulbs) on at 8%
M5 blue string lights (3 @ 35 bulbs) on at 2%.
The blue strings sets are on two different channels and both come on at 2%.
I know the on percentages are not that different, but as they ramp up, they increase differently.
Maybe I am too picky, but was just wondering if the Gen 3 firmware would help solve this.
I have been starting to tweek my sequences but the differences make it a pain in my backside.
I had originally sequenced for incans, but it made my fades and other effects rather hard to see. Dennis Cherry put me on to correcting the sequences using Notepad++, which greatly helped. But some of the adjustments cause the LED's that light at the higher percentages to not light, so I will probably just hit all the sequences again with Notepad++ and change anything below 15% to 15 and look at a better fix next year....that is why I was wondering about the Gen 3 firmware upgrade. I have Gen 1 boxes.

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