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Upgrade to S3.1...

Linda McDonald

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Linda McDonald wrote:

My software license allows me to go to S3.0. I want to upgrade to the lastest. My paypal account has been charged three times and I still don't have an upgrade. It keeps charging me for an upgrade to Basic Level Plus.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Do you have to purchase the S3 suite or is it an upgrade?

Okay. Number 1 .. stop paying.

What version of software do you have right now?
(Open Sequence Editor to see)
What license level are you licensed for?
(Use this link to see: http://lightorama.com/licenseCheck.html)
What, exactly, are you wanting to do? Go from Basic to Basic Plus, or something similar?

I would also suggest putting in a ticket at http://www.lightorama.com/support, and someone should be able to get things straightened out for you.
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LOL, yes, stop paying! I have version 3.0.0 and can't go any higher. I want the latest, after 3.0.0. The first time I thought the mistake was using a paypal account that wasn't associated with our license. The second time, I used the paypal account associated with our license, but forgot to change the shipping email address. The third time, I had the shipping and billing email address correct, but realized I was buying an upgrade from Basic to Basic Plus, which we already have.

Is it the license renewal that I have to buy to be able to use 3.1.x?



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If you want to go from (example) 3.0 Basic Plus to 3.1 Basic Plus then you would want a "Renewal"

(We've established here that your current license is valid up to 3.0 - but to anyone reading this later - be sure to check your current license status)

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