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Laser pointers

dave carlstedt

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I am looking to buy about 6-10 small laser pointers. Amazon and others have prices all over the map...any suggestions?
I plan on using it in a small puppet theater for some visual effects. I just need to see the beams....no high power required, as distance is irrelevant. If you need an example, check out any of the "laser harps" on youtube.. Thanks for any help. If price is right, multiple colors would be good. Budget is around $100.

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99 cent stores usually have the little keychain ones for a buck, sometimes it's even a 2 pack. A little soldering and you could change them to constant on and an AC to DC converter for plug power.

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You won't see a red beam of a laser pointer like you get at the dollar store--it will just make a red dot on what it is pointed at. If you notice in the most of the youtube videos, they are all green. I have a cheapo green laser pointer that I use for astronomy pointing that I got off of ebay for about 5-6 bucks. True astronomy ones make a thicker beam but cost a lot. I think you have to have a special license to sell ones more powerful than 5mW (though I am not an expert on this). I have never seen other colors make a similar beam.


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