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Need help with vocals for any song

Greenlee Brittenum

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I have a singing reindeer I purchased and am having fits getting the vocals to look right with it. It has just a simple mouth closed or mouth open.

I have seen a number of excellent sequences of singing characters on you tube, but most seem to have more mouth positions.

If anyone has some good examples of how they handled vocals with a simple mouth closed or open I would love to see them.

Any Christmas song will do.

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Here's how I do it...20 squares per second (0.05), and I use the "G" button to toggle between the mouth open and mouth closed positions when programming. I have the waveform turned on and use that (and playing the song) as clues for when to toggle the mouths. If there isn't too much background music clogging up the waveform, then the programming goes pretty fast...

Does that help?


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