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Lights on 2 days and FULL News coverage from major local TV station

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I would just like to tell everone that I started my christmas light show on Thanksgiving and within 2 days I received a call from the lead news anchor for WNEP NewsWatch 16 which is the leading TV station in Pennsylvania and covers about 70% of the state. The first night it aired it was one of the lead stories and it was shown throughtout the next days newscasts. That was 3 days ago and there has literally been well over a thousand people here viewing the house. People really go nuts over this. I truthfully did not think it would get this type of response. Its a nice feeling having the 4+ weeks of constant work pay off by having so many people interested. The only problem is the constant traffic jams.

Joe Rut


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congrats on being on TV!

people definately Love this stuff.. I had calls from 2 of our local stations before I was even Lights on.. they came out for several hours and taped me stringing lights, tweaking my sequences.. etc.. the piece was a good 2 or 3 minutes on the air too... then they called back later to say that they wanted me to run what I had ready and do a Live spot TG night.. and they even came back sunday after TG for yet another Live spot telling everyone it was officially "lights on!" I notice a steady stream of cars watching the show.. more as the season goes on.. whats even more wierd is when I go places occasionally someone will say "hey arent you the guy with those christmas Lights that was on TV last week?"


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