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expanding to the neighbors display

gerald sundberg

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My accross the road neighbor and I are doing our display together and I have sequenced his lights to my music for two songs,but time is short now and I won't have time to do all the sequences I'm going to use. How do I move the ones I've done to other sequences? I think I would use export-import but I've never done that before. Can anyone walk me through this?

Your brother in Christ Jerry

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If I understand right: you have all of yours done, have completed two of his but now for the remaining songs you want to just take what you've got for your display and move it over to his configuration?

If that's accurate, it's pretty simple. Here's what I'd do:

1) Open one of the sequences you've completed for him and export configuration. Save the file someplace handy. Close that sequence.
2) Start a new sequence with the next song choice you're going to work on and the configuration you just exported. In the New Sequence settings, say to use no timings.
3) Open the matching sequence from your show. You'll have the two open as separate tabs in the sequence editor.
4) Right-click on a cell in your sequence and choose "Copy Timings".
5) In his sequence, right-click in a cell and choose "Paste Timings At" with a setting of 0.00. The two sequences now have identical timings and the next steps will match up right.
6) In your sequence, look for channels that will correspond well with those in his show. For example, if you both have trim around the windows and garage doors that's a perfect candidate. Right-click in that row in your sequence and "Select Row" then right-click again and "Copy". In his sequence, select the first cell of the corresponding row and Ctrl+V to paste.
7) Repeat step 6 for everything that you can find a good match for.
8) Now move on to rows that aren't a perfect match but will complement what you've already pasted into his show.

If he has fewer channels than you, the focus should be on the key channels from your show.

If he has more channels than you, it will be necessary to paste some channels from your show into multiple channels for his. Alternatively, you can do chases to fill in the empty channels if his layout works for that. For example, if he has three trees right next to each other, that's a good candidate for chases.

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