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4 channels always on

crazy man

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I have a controller that 4 channels are always on. channel 4-5-6 and 7 wont work. they are always on. I unpluged them, reset controller Number and nothing works. I have the same problem on my mega tree 1 channel stays on, I just used a empty channel for that. does any one know why. the other 8 controllers work fine.

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Did you actually reset the board? Not just reset the unit ID, but do a board reset...thats your first step:

1. power down
2. remove jumper across second row of pins on the header
3. power up, give it 30 seconds
4. power down
5. re-install jumper
6. reset unit ID
7. retest

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read post 4, if you have a PC style controller.

if a 160X version, power down, set the unit ID dials to 00, power up, wait 30, power back down, set your unit ID, and power back up.

Its been posted here tons of times, so a forum search will get you more detail if needed.

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