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Whew!! Finished!!

Tom Clapper

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Finished everything up tonight and ran the sequences one time. Still might tweak some things in sequencing but everything is setup/installed and worked first time out. Not a bad start to my second year, but man there is a huge difference between setting up 16 channels and setting up 48. If I can get videos I will post them. Thanks everyone for advise/help, and Happy Lighting!!

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Way to go Tom.
I'm glad that I was able to finish my setup last week as I just got up to what looks like a few inches of snow out there in the yard and more to come today along with ice and rain!
The only thing I will have to do is dig out my inflatables when it comes time to run things butI have them under plastic covers weighted down to protect them.
So I am good to go as well.

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nader wrote:

Mwhite7097 wrote:
NICE! Wish I was done.

I 2nd that

Me too, but I'm just now starting the decorating process as requested by the neighbor across the street. Showtime won't be until at least the 1st as per their request.
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