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Buzz Box Light Tester


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I just picked up a light tester, know by some as a buzz box. This thing works great!!!!!!!!

I have a lot of wire frame characters, covered with tinsel. I fixed four of these in less than 10 minutes.

The light keeper works good to reset the shunt, but the buzz box finds bad bulbs/sockets by causing them to buzz. It also reset shunts.

Only works on mini lights, NO LEDs.

Check out this link for more info.


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pikadroo wrote:

How could you do a light show without one? Really? You just now got one? I can't believe that. no way... say it's not trueness :D


It's easy to do a light show without one.

I just use LEDs. Pull them out of storage, hang them, plug them in, and they work.

No wasted time spent trouble shooting light strings or replacing broken or burnt out bulbs.
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