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Let's do a check on FM antennas

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There has been a lot of discussion on FM transmitters but I am interested to see
what antenna everyone uses.

I have an LED EDM transmitter and use a 1/4 wave ground plane.

Gives me about a city block for coverage on low power.

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I have been using the EDM "test antenna" since 2007. Works great for me.

I only want to transmit to where visitors park to watch the display, and no further.

I have no need for ground planes or j-poles or dipoles

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I used the standard wire antenna that comes with the EDM my first year and it worked great. Then I made a dipole out of a piece of RG-8 for the second year and have stuck with it.
The dipole just gave me a better signal with a little better range to it. The signal was much clearer and stronger to me with the dipole and everybody said that they loved the improvement in the sound on the second year.

Attached files 283779=15747-EDMdipole1.gif

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