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I need to vent

we have high winds tonight knocking over some of my mini trees and also made on of my spiral trees fall over no biggie I will fix it tommorow but My main aggravator

is the GFCI once again ticking me off

the sets I replaced with cdi's leds are a help but It is still tripping and I am tempted to bypass the stupid gfci I am beginning to think the gfci is taking a dump because last year the only problem I had were the 12 sets of lights I have on the ground were my only problem this year they were swapped with sealed leds and are no longer a problem the ones that are a problem are the ones in trees and the mini tomtato cage trees (which I knew could be a problem) where they dont have an easy path to ground I am going to do some test to see if it is the gfci or something a bit more aggraviting what tickes me off even more on my mega the ends are on the ground exposed to the weather and they are the cheap big box mart sets and they do not do anything with the gfci :(:(

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