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Fade's possible?


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MattRMayberry wrote:

Is it possible to fade a sequence out, much like many songs fade at the end...

Now, I know you can fade down and fade twinkle and shimmer.

What I am taking about is fading down an already sequence ending down to 0%.

Just redo the ending of the sequence to fade down
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Are you speaking of the actual sequence or are you wanting to fade down the audio?

If it is the audio, you will have to do that with a program like "Audacity", which is free...


If it is the sequence itself, just follow what Mr. Bullard said above.

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Have you tried foreground effects? I've recently discovered them and i think it will do what you want

Save your sequence
Click the Foreground effect toolbar button
Click the fade down button
Click and drag over the last X number of cells for all channels (where X is how long a fade you want)

The result should be a fade applied on all channels that were on at the end.


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