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Schedule not Working

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I tried doing a search on this subject but did not find anything.

I have purchase the CTB-16D Controlled Triac Board With Heatsink and the software which I downloaded from the LOR site . The board is on back order, but though I could get started putting some small shows together.

I’m having trouble with my shows running in Scheduler

I have saved the show as ,Newshow.lss

I have set the Scheduler for 5:00pm to 9:pm m thr s (have also tried some test times)

I have 4 ( music only) Sequences In the Startup tab

It will start at the right time but the Startup Sequence Scheduler will only play the first Sequence on the list of four and it seems to stop running.

I have 2 full Sequences in the Musical tab and one Sequence in the shutdown tab that don’t run.

I have saved the Schedule and enabled the show.

I hope the makes sense . I’m sure I have overlooked something I’m doing something wrong?

I know reading this is like tap dancing in molasses, but it the only way I can describe it.

Software is LOR 1.5.0, running in XP home SP2 764 ram ,1.15ghz AMD .

Thanks for your help.

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There is a bug :( in LOR that may be the cause of your problem but it is easy to get around. Here is what happens.

With musical sequences, sometimes they do not END. If you play them in the Sequence Editor you are forced to click the STOP PLAY button to get them to actually stop. You should not have to click the STOP PLAY button and if you do then you have one of the sequences that has this problem.

It is easy to work around this problem. Open the sequence in the sequence editor, reduce the Total Play Time by a few 1/100s of a second. You do this in the Sequence Editor -> Edit -> Change Total Time.....

In your show you have a song (Song A) that plays (but never really ends) so the next song )Song B) does not start. Check Song A... It most likely needs the adjustment.

This bug is fixed in the next release.

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I was not having much luck with any shows running in the startup or shutdown tab. Not sure why. I ended up doing this:

1. I created a show with all my musical sequences. I put them in play order and put what I wanted as the start song first. It does get repeated, but that is OK with me.

2. I creates a second show with only animation to play later at night. Kind of like a shutdown, but I run it as a second show for about 45 minutes each night.

I schedule them nightly with the second one starting about 5 minutes after the first one ends and it has worked great for a week. Maybe not the best method, but I have been happy with it.


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