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First night of LOR at Dazzling Lights

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This is our first year of LOR and we have 96 LOR channels up and running along with several other bits and pieces including lasers and snow machines.

Last night was the first night of action at Dazzling Lights, so I thought I'd run through some of my actions / thoughts during the day...

The morning started off well, full of excitement about switch on this evening.

8:05am - One of the girls at work made the comment... "Your big show is tonight, isn't it? You must be really nervous. I'd be going to the toilet every 5 minutes thinking 'what if it doesn't work?'". That set my mind going for the rest of the day... Thanks Sarah!!!

4:00pm - I left work early to prepare for the BBQ and just give those lights one more little test and also to quickly develop an alternative LOR show in case the LOR MP3 Director doesn't kick in automatically at 9:00pm.

6:30pm - We started with a BBQ for about 50 neighbours and friends and everyone was having a good time. At about 8:50 I snuck into the garage to make sure the timer had started the inflatables, lasers and a few other bits correctly - all looking good.

8:55pm - Everyone moved out to the front yard and I kept anxiously looking at my watch as 9:00pm approached.

8:59 - I announced "1 minute to go..."

9:00pm - nothing...

9:00 and 30 seconds - nothing...

9:01pm - nothing.... I announce "I'll be back in a few minutes...."

9:01 and 10 seconds as I start moving inside... "Beep, Beep, Beep" blasts out from the sound system and the startup sequence commences.

9:01 and 13 seconds - Relief on Dave's face as he realises that he forgot to synchronise his watch with the show timers (DOH!!!)...

9:01 and 20 seconds and about 15 kids (from 18 months to 4 years) proceed to get covered in snow from the snow machine and everyone has a great time for the next 45 minutes (showtime of 20 musical tracks for openig night) while the kids from all over the neighbourhood dance away to the music and lights spectacular.

Apart from the 50 odd guests, there were at least another 100 - 150 people that rocked up during the show and it was such a buzz seeing everyone have so much fun. Christmas Rocks at Dazzling Lights!!!

I hope everyone else had / has a successful opening night and fun during December and I look forward to hearing about them all.

Thanks to everyone in this forum for your support / suggestions throughout the year and especially to Dan, Mary and the team at LOR for a great range of products and support.


davidt - Ballarat, Australia

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