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New Jersey only, UK TV opportunity

Ralph D

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I know the subject sounds strange but here's the deal. I was approached by channel 4 news in the UK. They're doing a TV show special on extreme homes and special crafts that go along with decorating in the United States..... Now understand crafts as in the things you do inside your house for the holidays, i.e. baking and things you do for the inside of the house as well. I was approached by the producer of the TV show in the UK, and everything sounded wonderful especially since this would only be seen in the UK, and thought was a great opportunity to do this. Now due to health reasons I cannot commit to the production crew being here for a full day,inside and outside of my house. they have asked me if I could please reach out to my friends who also do this in New Jersey only. if you might be interested in letting a news crew from the UK, film your house the weekend after Thanksgiving, be interviewed about your family traditions and also filmed the inside of your house and learn about some great US traditions and crafts that we do here in the United States.
This TV show is a done deal it will air early in December, and they're looking for somebody only in the New Jersey area. If you are interested please PM me ASAP with all your information and contact information.

I know how a lot of us feel about publicity but this is a perfect opportunity for somebody who really would like to do it because no one in the US is going to see it, this is why I was so excited to do it, but again because of failing health reasons I could no longer commit to their needs.


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