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Wire Tree from Walmart


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Last year I bought a bunch of stuff on sale after Christmas.... some I am using in my display this year, and some I am not.

I am hoping there are others like me out there that might have a 6 ft wire tree from Walmart.

I have five 6 ft wire trees across the front of my display. One I bought at Menards, and four from Walmart. The tree from Menards has many more branches, and is much more full. I like it a lot, but I would rather have 5 trees that match.

I have looked at several Walmarts this year and cannot find wire trees at any of them.

Does anyone in the St Louis area (or Jeff City/Columbia or Springfield) have one of the 6 foot wire trees from Walmart that they do not want/need?

I'd be willing to buy it or trade.


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Check Home Depot, they have wire trees similar to what Wal-Mart was selling last year. A description and picture might help your search. I've bought wire trees from WalMart a few times and they have changed over the years.

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Thanks John,

There's no HD in my town. Luckily I am out of town this week and there is a HD here. The wire trees look similar to the trees I bought at Walmart last year. Unfortunately, they were $70!!!! :shock:

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