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I just noticed that not all 100ct mini icans are the same


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As I was making my super strings from all of the mini icans that I bought on sale last year, I noticed something. The Lowe's brand "Holiday Living" 100ct strings are only 24 watts, where as the "Holiday Time" brand from Walmart are 40.8 watts. The Walmart brand burns much brighter. I guess I'm going to have to rethink how these are going to look in my show. Good grief!

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I noticed the same thing using mini incandescents from Target a couple years ago. Both the Target brand and the Phillips brand were lower wattage sets than Walmart. Side by side it's quite noticeable, but if there's some separation in the yard between the elements using the "different" ones, such as the light poles in my yard, it really isn't noticeable to anyone but you.

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